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Don’t die a virgin

Don't die a virgin

Don’t die a virgin – Terrorists are up there waiting for you!

The Strip-o-Matic – sexy, sci fi fun!

This is one of my favourite ever photostories, sexy with a sci-fi twist. Jane inherits a brilliant new “toy” and decides to use it to cause her friends some major embarrassment. I want a Strip-o-Matic but where do I buy one of those?!

See the full photostory on A-M-O-C.com.

Can anyone explain this photo?


Military budget cuts go too far?

Military budget cuts go too farWatch out for chafing!

All this for just $9.95!!!

Three girls playing Spin-the-BottleDid you know that for a mere $9.95 (US Dollars) you can get immediate, full access to all of StripGameCentral‘s strip game videos and sexy strip game photosets? That’s hundreds of strip games, all featuring beautiful girls playing and losing and some embarrassing forfeits too.

Most people I talk to expect to pay at least double that or more and tend to be quite surprised when they hear the actual price.

Find out more here.

I like that kind of ingenuity

Clever sunbathingLarge breasts but want to sunbathe lying on your front? No problem! Just use this cleverly modified sun-lounger and tanning your back will no longer be a problem. A nice piece of ingenuity and a great invention!


Some days just start better than others…

Topless woman walking along the laneThe look on that guy’s face just says it all!

Some days they just start better than others. What I really want to know is why doesn’t that sort of thing happen to me? I obviously live in the wrong place!