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See Jessie & Samantha play Strip Minefield

Strip Minefield 31 on MallOfErotica

NEWS: StripGameCentral.com has just slashed the price of their individual strip game videos. For example, you can download and keep the full video of this sexy strip card game played by Jessie and Samantha, for just $1.99 for the top quality version (and $1.49 for a lower quality version). That’s a saving of $2.50 on the previous retail price. I don’t want to give away the ending, but this game doesn’t end until one of these gorgeous women is stripped completely naked!

Now you can enjoy this excellent game without splashing out on a monthly membership fee. No commitment, no fuss.

Strip Game Losers

An amazing and very sexy video from StripGameCentral which explores how women react when losing strip games. Some embarrassment, some exhibitionism, some forfeits, lots of nudity and it opens with a naked spanking! Don’t watch this video if female nudity offends you because there’s lot of full frontal nudity in this one.

You can also get StripGameCentral videos without subscription from Clips4Sale.com.

Ghost car crash

This isn’t the sort of thing I usually post in this blog, but I found this video intriguing. A car seems to appear out of nowhere and cause an accident at a large junction. I know it’s just an angles things where the offending vehicle is travelling in the camera’s blind spot with fluke precision, but the result is really weird:

Ghost car crash by videobash

Girls reacting to losing strip games

I love seeing what they do when they discover that they have to take off their last item of clothing and let the other players see everything.

Video courtesy of StripGameCentral.com.

Like to watch girls playing Strip Tickle?

Carmen and Paige try out a simple game of Strip Tickle. The rules are very simple, both players tickle each other and each time a player laughs, giggles or squeals she has to remove an item of clothing. The game isn’t over until someone is completely naked!

Video courtesy of StripGameCentral.com.

Badu sentenced and fined.

US Soul singer Badu has been fined just over £300 (US$500) for being cheeky and stripping naked in a Dallas street (back in March this year) for a music video. She also received 6 months probation for the stunt. Now the lady is 39 years old but all she did was walk along the street, removing her clothes and then fall to the floor pretending to be dead at the end of the video. 6 months probation?

It sounds more likely something that would happen in one of those backward dictatorships than in a modern, free country.

My favourite quote from the news coverage is this one: “There were children there. I prayed they wouldn’t be traumatized.” Why should children be traumatised by seeing a woman naked? Was she hideously deformed? Was she performing a perverse or explicit act? Unless you live somewhere like Iran, I’m guessing most kids have seen quite a few naked women before they hit adulthood. Why this would “traumatise” them is a mystery to me! It’s just a ridiculous thing to say.

Had she done this in the UK, if someone had complained to the Police, then the Police would have asked her not to do it and to move on. She wouldn’t have been committing a crime here unless she was deliberately setting out to upset or intimidate people. What happened to the US being a “free” country?!