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Strippers are not always appropriate!

Strippers are not always appropriate!Renting a stripper isn’t appropriate for every 21st birthday party!

Some days they just start better than others

Some days are just better than others

A simple solution to an old problem

Simple solution to an old problem.Given that most engineers are male, I’m very surprised that they haven’t spent years investigating and solving this particular problem!


I like that kind of ingenuity

Clever sunbathingLarge breasts but want to sunbathe lying on your front? No problem! Just use this cleverly modified sun-lounger and tanning your back will no longer be a problem. A nice piece of ingenuity and a great invention!


Some days just start better than others…

Topless woman walking along the laneThe look on that guy’s face just says it all!

Some days they just start better than others. What I really want to know is why doesn’t that sort of thing happen to me? I obviously live in the wrong place!

Jessie & Samantha play Strip Minefield

Samantha A. and Jessie are back again, this time to try out a game of Strip Minefield. They begin by playing a round of Rock-paper-Scissors to decide who gets to draw the first card but that doesn’t go quite to plan. The game does get going and, of course, one unlucky player ends up completely naked! Minefield seems to be particularly suited to video.

See the full (and higher quality) version of this video here.

Chosen to strip in front of her friends!

Four girls sit in a circle on the grass outside their house. We got them to choose one of their number to stand up and strip naked in front of all the others.

Hermione's Audience Strip (a) Hermione's Audience Strip (b) Hermione's Audience Strip (c) Hermione's Audience Strip (d) Hermione's Audience Strip (e) Hermione's Audience Strip (f)

Just imagine having to stand in the garden and remove all your clothes while three of your friends gather round to watch the show. That’s got to be hugely embarrassing!

Poor, embarrassed Hermione was chosen to get naked!

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