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Intriguing Optical Illusion

Here’s an optical illusion. Women can see a large, pyramid-shaped hotel in the background of this photo. Most men cannot see it at all!
Optical illusion

Girls fighting to strip each other!

As it was a lovely, sunny day, Caley, Jasmine, Hermione and Sabrielle plan to enjoy a little sunbathing in the garden. Cheeky Caley persuades Jasmine to try something a little more fun and soon the four bikini-clad girls are fighting to strip each other naked. Better still this game ends with an embarrassing forfeit.

Always fun to see girls fighting to strip each other naked!

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Spot which girl forgot her swimming costume!

Spot which girl forgot her swimming costume!When they decided to go surfing for the day, I think someone forgot her swimming costume!!


A statistic you can’t argue with!

A statistic you can't argue with!

Maggie & Caley play Strip Tickle

Like watching beautiful girls tickle each other? We’ll you’re going to love this strip game. It features the ever-popular Caley and Maggie, playing in the garden. Tickle is always sexy fun, but this one is amazing! This time they’ve got Owen (one extrememly lucky guy!) to referee the game for them and to remove any items lost. Having a man take off their clothes has got to be even more embarrassing.
As if all of that isn’t good enough, there’s also an embarrassing forfeit for the naked loser!

See the full game here.

Strip Tickle 14-11-2013 (a)Strip Tickle 14-11-2013 (b)Strip Tickle 14-11-2013 (c)Strip Tickle 14-11-2013 (d)Strip Tickle 14-11-2013 (e)Strip Tickle 14-11-2013 (f)