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Nudes everywhere!

nudesPC Smith suddenly realised he’d forgotten to take his medication this morning.

Is this the most irritating anim gif ever?

Is this the most irritating anim gif ever?And it doesn’t matter how long you watch this animation, they’re never going to slip up and expose anything! :(


Reluctant Exposure membership offer

Here’s some good news for those of us who enjoy some sexy ENF (Embarrassed Nude Female). ReluctantExposure.com has just slashed their membership price, all the way down to an amazing $7.95 for a whole month. That gives you unrestricted access to all their sexy photostories.

Nerissa is tied up and stripped naked by her friends. A shoplifter is stripsearched in the back office. Faye foolishly gets into a rigged stripgame. Pasha is made to strip by her boss.

So if you like to see beautiful girls being persuaded, tricked and coerced into getting completely naked and embarrassed, check it out now.

Suddenly Stormtroopers don’t look so threatening!

Suddenly Stormtroopers don't look so threatening!

Israeli Women Strip Naked in support of Nude Egyptian Blogger

When an Egyptian activist blogger posted a naked picture of herself online in protest at the lack of freedom of expression, it sparked outrage in her country.

Now, a group of women in Israel have also stripped off in a show of solidarity for her cause.

Israelis Naked Protest for Aliaa MahdyInspired by 20-year-old Aliaa Elmahdy’s very brave move, the 40 Israelis posed naked for a ‘copycat’ photo – holding a large banner to cover their modesty. It’s just a pity that they weren’t quite as brave as her!

I wonder if there is another version of this photo around without the large banner? No, I don’t suppose they are all that brave!

For those of you who didn’t see the original nude photos of Aliaa Elmahdy, here it is: