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StripGameCentral now accepts Bitcoin for memberships

Bitcoin accepted for StripGameCentral membershipsIf you’ve been keen to join StripGameCentral‘s exclusive club but don’t wish to pay via credit card, debit card, online cheque or direct debit, there is now an excellent new option.

Bitcoin is a new way to pay where the website gets to know nothing about your name or transaction information. It is as close to anonymous as it is possible to get, whilst being backed up by the reliability and efficiency of Verotel (one of the top online billing companies)

NEWS: A Measure of Curiosity announces new lower prices

New lower prices for A-M-O-C.comThey’ve knocked an excellent $4 off the first month membership fee, dropping it to just $14.95, but better than that, the recurring membership fee has been halved. Now a year’s worth of recurring membership to that excellent site will cost $59 less than before. How ever you look at it, that’s great value.


Click here to find out more.

News for Kindle owners…

Got a Kindle? (Or the Kindle App on your PC, tablet or phone?) Fans of science fiction will be pleased to hear that on Friday 24th of February (Pacific Standard Time) the 1st novel in the Astronomicon series, “Voyage of the Elysian” will be available to download for free! Don’t miss this great offer!


Click here to visit Amazon to find out more.

Get in there quick!

We’ve just discovered that StripGameCentral.com is about to increase its membership prices substantially. It’s happening before the end of the week, so if you want to beat the price increase and experience their excellent collection of hundreds of sexy strip games, you need to get in quick!

Find out more about joining StripGameCentral.com.

StripGameCentral’s new lower membership prices.

Kamilia ends up naked, losing the strip game.Due the current favourable exchange rate with the US Dollar StripGameCentral has taken the opportunity to adjust their membership prices accordingly. We don’t know how long they will be able to hold the price this much lower but, for the next few days at least, the price has dropped to an amazing US$14.95 for 28 days.

Take advantage of this low price to see 400+ exciting stripgames, 140+ sexy players, many videos, embarrassing forfeits and lots of extras.


Click here to find out more.


Exchange rates fluctuate all the time and this new price offer might end at any time. Don’t miss out!

Justin Bieber’s secret revealed!

There are denials and accusations flying around, but apparently some people are now claiming that Justin Bieber is actually MALE!! Yes, I know that seems incredibly unlikely given the face, hair, voice etc., but that is exactly what they are saying.

Make up your own mind; Read the full article on the BBC News Online website.

Like to see female nudity?

Then you will be interested to hear that A Measure of Curiosity has just been completely revamped. Lots of big improvements and new features including the following:

  • All photos at 2048 pixel resolution.
  • All photosets available in zip files too.
  • Videos now published at 720×576 (DVD) resolution.
  • Update rate increased to 12 updates per month.
  • Dynamic gallery for members featuring search and slideshow functions.
  • Improved navigation and appearance.

All with our usual reliability and excellent customer service.

It’s a greatly improved experience and if you like softcore nudity, stripping and stories – it’s well worth a look.

(If you don’t like nudity, or you are in a situation where naked images are inappropriate, please disregard this post).

New mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle displayed on a map.That intangible triangle of open sea between the islands of Bermuda and Puerto Rico and the US coastal resort of Miami, has long been a source of fear and speculation. Hundreds of boats and aircraft have reputedly gone missing without trace in the area, and many theories have been formulated as to what is the cause.

However now another mystery is being investigated by officials in the area. Researchers and paranormal investigators have long been aware of a worrying new phenomenon over the past few years: There has been no mysterious disappearance that can be attributed to the Bermuda Triangle for over seven years now. As it approaches it’s 8th year of inactivity it has been declared officially gone. The Bermuda Triangle has disappeared!

Experts have no idea as to whether it will ever return or whether it has simply moved to a new, yet to be discovered, location. It looks like this new mystery will be the subject of intrigue for years to come.

Sydney Police crack down on ugly people.

In an attempt to improve the average looks in their world famous city, Sydney authorities have brought in new legislation allowing police to arrest unsightly people and remove them from the city. They hope that this will only serve to increase the Australian city’s appeal as a tourist destination.

Are they watching us?

Now many people have seen this photo, showing what appears to be a flying saucer caught in the background of an adult photoshoot. To be perfectly honest it’s too indistinct to deduce much from it. It could easily be a particle caught on the lens, a passing bird caught mid flap or possibly something falling from the tree?

What is much more interesting (apart from the naked lady!) is that members of  the site in question noticed that the earlier frame in the set also shows the object.

Second photo shown after the jump…

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