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How to deal with an Insurance Saleswoman

Jess shows us the best way to deal with a saleswoman that calls at her house and is desperate to make a sale. The question is, just how desperate is she to sell a policy?

Let’s find out!

Ghost car crash

This isn’t the sort of thing I usually post in this blog, but I found this video intriguing. A car seems to appear out of nowhere and cause an accident at a large junction. I know it’s just an angles things where the offending vehicle is travelling in the camera’s blind spot with fluke precision, but the result is really weird:

Ghost car crash by videobash

Where’s Wally: The Motion Picture

If you don’t know the characters click here:

(Aparently they call Wally “Waldo” in the US – just to explain the weird name in this video!)

The woman your woman could look like.

You’ve seen the Old Spice Man, now here’s a new take on those commercials…

Excellent prank.

The Definitive Pop Video

Isn’t scary just how many pop videos are being parodied by this single video?!
Makes you think. (I particularly liked the overlay in the last few seconds).