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Strippers are not always appropriate!

Strippers are not always appropriate!Renting a stripper isn’t appropriate for every 21st birthday party!

Are you a breasts or bum man?

Boobs or Bum?Are you looking to the left or the right in this photo? Xena’s boobs or Nicole’s bottom? Both are seriously nice.

Lycra – simulating public nudity since 1959!

Lycra - simulating public nudity since 1959!Only bodypaint gets closer to being naked in public without actually being naked. Lycra is amazing stuff.

Spot which girl forgot her swimming costume!

Spot which girl forgot her swimming costume!When they decided to go surfing for the day, I think someone forgot her swimming costume!!


Strip Game Losers

An amazing and very sexy video from StripGameCentral which explores how women react when losing strip games. Some embarrassment, some exhibitionism, some forfeits, lots of nudity and it opens with a naked spanking! Don’t watch this video if female nudity offends you because there’s lot of full frontal nudity in this one.

You can also get StripGameCentral videos without subscription from Clips4Sale.com.

Who likes to see naked women twirling?

Strip Game losers doing a naked twirl for the winner.Viola and Jane have just lost a strip card game. Stripped completely naked, they have to perform a naked twirl in front of the winner, Nerissa. Don’t forget, no covering up girls!


See this game and many more, including lots on video, on StripGameCentral.com.


Corporate spies get stripsearched!

Emily and Pasha have a go at being corporate spies. They decide to steal some valuable designs from a designer who works for a rival company, but they’re not too good at it.

It seemed a simple enough operation until they discovered that they could not find the designs – then things got even worse! They learn the hard way that corporate espionage doesn’t pay, especially when you get caught and stripsearched!

Photos courtesy of A-M-O-C.com. Full photostory available here.

Jessie & Samantha play Strip Minefield

Samantha A. and Jessie are back again, this time to try out a game of Strip Minefield. They begin by playing a round of Rock-paper-Scissors to decide who gets to draw the first card but that doesn’t go quite to plan. The game does get going and, of course, one unlucky player ends up completely naked! Minefield seems to be particularly suited to video.

See the full (and higher quality) version of this video here.