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Can anyone explain this photo?


Never miss an opportunity

Never miss an Opportunity

Girls fighting to strip each other!

As it was a lovely, sunny day, Caley, Jasmine, Hermione and Sabrielle plan to enjoy a little sunbathing in the garden. Cheeky Caley persuades Jasmine to try something a little more fun and soon the four bikini-clad girls are fighting to strip each other naked. Better still this game ends with an embarrassing forfeit.

Always fun to see girls fighting to strip each other naked!

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Spot which girl forgot her swimming costume!

Spot which girl forgot her swimming costume!When they decided to go surfing for the day, I think someone forgot her swimming costume!!


Optical Illusion: Can you spot the island in this photo?

Can you Spot the Island?I’ve been staring at the photo for ages and I can’t see anything other than the girl! Apparently women can see the island but men cannot!


A simple solution to an old problem

Simple solution to an old problem.Given that most engineers are male, I’m very surprised that they haven’t spent years investigating and solving this particular problem!


I like that kind of ingenuity

Clever sunbathingLarge breasts but want to sunbathe lying on your front? No problem! Just use this cleverly modified sun-lounger and tanning your back will no longer be a problem. A nice piece of ingenuity and a great invention!


Before skinny dipping, always check no-one has a camera!

Allways check if one of your friends has a camera ready

It’s always a VERY good idea, when going skinny dipping, to make sure that none of your friends are carrying a camera, although in this particular case I’m quite glad that these girls forgot to check!

Maggie strips naked in the garden

For Maggie’s audience strip, she had to go out into the garden, and simply stand there and strip naked in front of two of her friends, Heidi and Talia. That’s got to be doubly embarrassing!¬†

Photos courtesy of A  Measure of Curiosity.