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Experiments in Nudity

Everyone should have heard of by now, but they’ve launched an interesting new exhibit – a collection of videos and photosets demonstrating much of the material which inspired the whole NakedExperiment concept.

Emma strips naked unexpectedly
This almost surreal video sees Emma enjoying a mug of coffee with two of her friends when she suddenly and unexpectedly begins to remove her clothes in front of them. They try to ignore her odd behaviour but are amazed to see her strip completely naked.

Naudia's public bar strip

A very daring photoset where Naudia had to walk into a public bar and strip completely naked in front of the customers. They had been told to treat whatever she did as normal, but they weren’t expecting her to take off all her clothes.

StripGameCentral now accepts Bitcoin for memberships

Bitcoin accepted for StripGameCentral membershipsIf you’ve been keen to join StripGameCentral‘s exclusive club but don’t wish to pay via credit card, debit card, online cheque or direct debit, there is now an excellent new option.

Bitcoin is a new way to pay where the website gets to know nothing about your name or transaction information. It is as close to anonymous as it is possible to get, whilst being backed up by the reliability and efficiency of Verotel (one of the top online billing companies)

Three girls playing Strip Fight

This week’s update on sees three very daring (and very sexy!) girls who are going to play a game of Strip Fight in full view of the neighbours. Strip games outdoors are always more risky but these girls have picked a spot where the scenery offers no protection of their modesty at all!

The rules for this game are very simple: Jasmine, Gaby and Layla all attempt to undress each other, with each girl trying to ensure that her opponents end up naked before she does. Last girl with any clothing on wins the game. The two naked losers will end up doing a nude twirl together instead.

Click here to see more.

Strip Fight 4-1-14 (a) Strip Fight 4-1-14 (b) Strip Fight 4-1-14 (c) Strip Fight 4-1-14 (d) Strip Fight 4-1-14 (e) Strip Fight 4-1-14 (f)

Reluctant Exposure membership offer

Here’s some good news for those of us who enjoy some sexy ENF (Embarrassed Nude Female). has just slashed their membership price, all the way down to an amazing $7.95 for a whole month. That gives you unrestricted access to all their sexy photostories.

Nerissa is tied up and stripped naked by her friends. A shoplifter is stripsearched in the back office. Faye foolishly gets into a rigged stripgame. Pasha is made to strip by her boss.

So if you like to see beautiful girls being persuaded, tricked and coerced into getting completely naked and embarrassed, check it out now.

Four beautiful girls play Strip Sudden Death

Wow, oh wow! I know that Strip Sudden Death can be an acquired taste. Some people do not like that the game can be over quite quickly, others love the risk and anticipation, knowing that the loser of a round gets no second chance , no opportunity to recover. Any girl losing a round is immediately required to strip completely naked.

I think this one will win round even the most ardent detractors. With four stunning girls, playing a game of Strip Sudden Death in the garden, you know that three of them are going to have to strip completely naked outdoors. Very sexy! See the rest of this Game on StripGameCentral.Com .


Caley, Jasmine, Hermione & Sabrielle play Strip Sudden Death suddendeath-24-9-13b suddendeath-24-9-13c Caley, Jasmine, Hermione & Sabrielle play Strip Sudden Death Caley, Jasmine, Hermione & Sabrielle play Strip Sudden Death Caley, Jasmine, Hermione & Sabrielle play Strip Sudden Death

Photos courtesy of StripGameCentral.Com .

Now just 99c!

How to Deal with a SaleswomanA Measure of Curiosity is trying out a new experiment. Anyone who owns a Kindle or compatible device (Android, PC, Mac or iOS) can now enjoy a new variant of photostory from the site. There’s only one out at present (How to Deal with a Saleswoman) but if this works out, there will be many more.


Best of all it’s just 99c (US), making it an amazing bargain.


This new format is rather like a standard AMOC photostory, but rewritten as a fuller piece of erotic fiction with the high quality photos used as illustrations. The scenario and storyline remain the same but the conversation and descriptions have been been filled out in proper novel style and the result now spans both erotic fiction and photostory genres.

Click here to find out more.

NEWS: A Measure of Curiosity announces new lower prices

New lower prices for A-M-O-C.comThey’ve knocked an excellent $4 off the first month membership fee, dropping it to just $14.95, but better than that, the recurring membership fee has been halved. Now a year’s worth of recurring membership to that excellent site will cost $59 less than before. How ever you look at it, that’s great value.


Click here to find out more. is looking for naked test subjects

Naudia stands naked in the barNakedExperiment is looking for daring people in the UK to be test subjects in our next round of experiments. We need women and couples who are prepared to get naked on our website and see other people naked, but do not usually experience nakedness in that way. Professional or glamour models, strippers, nudists or porn performers are not suitable.


The experiments are designed to measure your reactions to being naked in situations where you would not normally expect to be naked. This can involve being the only person nude amongst clothed people or being naked with a group of other naked women.  There is no contact or sex involved, simply nudity. Experiments usually take between 3 and 4 hours and we pay for each session. Sessions are recorded as photographs, then published on our website. Subjects will also be briefly interviewed about their reactions during the session.  The experiments are all about the embarrassment, excitement and sensations of being bare in unusual situations or in ways that you would never normally experience. Also, just to be clear, by naked we mean FULLY unclothed, no underwear, no covering at all.


Jordana gets naked in front of everybodyIf you feel confident enough to be seen nude and want to try out something exciting and new, click the appropriate link below to find out more.



Couples find out more here.

Ladies find out more here.











Special Offer for Kindle sci-fi fans!

Astronomicon: The DiscoveryFor today only, everyone can download the Kindle version of Astronomicon: The Discovery for FREE!



Download it directly from Amazon UK and Amazon US.



Don’t forget that Amazon provide free Kindle reader apps for all PCs, Macs, Android devices and iOS devices.





QUEST launches.

Quest is an exciting new online adult community for sharing free nude content, relevant news, information, links and more. Find, share and vote on links to softcore or artistic nudity (stories, photos and videos). Even if you don’t want to share links to anything yourself, it still makes an excellent source of free content. Lots of nude videos and photos!

Vote for items you like and everyone benefits. With the whole community voting for the good stuff it ensures that no-one misses out on the good quality content we find. Don’t forget to check out the Upcoming section, there’s even more stuff there than on the main page.

And I almost forgot about the groups. There’s a growing selection of interest groups and, better still, if you don’t find one you like, you can set up your own. Excellent!

Click here to check it out.