Really?? Do they really need that sign??

Please do not sit on the fenceHas anyone ever sat themselves on that fence?!

Four sexy girls play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors

The ever popular Caley and Jasmine introduce their friends Sabrielle and Hermione with a sexy game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Better still, as if watching four amazingly sexy girls losing their clothes in a strip game isn’t good enough, they play this one out in the garden. What better way to take advantage of the hot weather? I wonder if the neighbours are watching?!

Download and enjoy the whole game here.

Optical Illusion: Can you spot the island in this photo?

Can you Spot the Island?I’ve been staring at the photo for ages and I can’t see anything other than the girl! Apparently women can see the island but men cannot!


New Amazon Release: Remote Control

Remote Control by TS EarlNew release this month: Erotic best seller Remote Control arrives on Amazon!

Ever chatted with a stranger via one of the many Internet messenger chat programs? 29 year old Natalie wanted to explore her fantasies and desires. Her search to locate someone to help guide her through the process, inadvertently put her in touch with the perfect person to take her right to her limits and give her the means to experience her deepest desires and most extreme fantasies. Her life is about to change more than she can possible imagine, experiencing new levels of excitement and gratification. 

The question is, will she survive the ride?

Be careful who you meet online, there is always the danger that you will meet exactly the right person.

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Ronda & Kamilia play Rock-Paper-Scissors the BEST way!

Gorgeous duo, Ronda (left) and Kamilia (right) are back to play another game of Rock-Paper-Scissors the best possible way (as a STRIP game!). With two beauties playing this is going to be a very sexy game, but as the winner of each round gets to choose what the loser mush remove, it could be very embarrassing for them too!

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A simple solution to an old problem

Simple solution to an old problem.Given that most engineers are male, I’m very surprised that they haven’t spent years investigating and solving this particular problem!


Strip Game Losers

An amazing and very sexy video from StripGameCentral which explores how women react when losing strip games. Some embarrassment, some exhibitionism, some forfeits, lots of nudity and it opens with a naked spanking! Don’t watch this video if female nudity offends you because there’s lot of full frontal nudity in this one.

You can also get StripGameCentral videos without subscription from

Caley & Jasmine play Strip Tickle

StripGameCentral regular, Jasmine, has persuaded her friend Caley to try out another strip game. This time she’s picked one with a little less luck involved, maybe that will improve her chances of beating Caley and getting her completely naked?

With both girls wearing  smart dresses, it will be fun to find out, especially with an embarrassing forfeit for the naked loser!

See the full game here.