My girlfriend wishes I could see things from her point of view…

My girlfriend wishes I could see things from her point of view

I like that kind of ingenuity

Clever sunbathingLarge breasts but want to sunbathe lying on your front? No problem! Just use this cleverly modified sun-lounger and tanning your back will no longer be a problem. A nice piece of ingenuity and a great invention!


Who likes to see naked women twirling?

Strip Game losers doing a naked twirl for the winner.Viola and Jane have just lost a strip card game. Stripped completely naked, they have to perform a naked twirl in front of the winner, Nerissa. Don’t forget, no covering up girls!


See this game and many more, including lots on video, on


Before skinny dipping, always check no-one has a camera!

Allways check if one of your friends has a camera ready

It’s always a VERY good idea, when going skinny dipping, to make sure that none of your friends are carrying a camera, although in this particular case I’m quite glad that these girls forgot to check!

Abigail and Trinity play Strip Tickle

Trinity (on the left in these photos) and Abigail return to play another sexy game, this time at home. Abigail suggests they play Strip Tickle.

This is one of my favourite games of all time. Tickle is always fun, lots of contact between the players, but when both players are absolutely stunning it is just amazing. Better still, there is a highly embarrassing forfeit for the completely naked loser at the end of this game. It really doesn’t get much better that this!

This entire photoset is available for immediate download from Images4Sale.

Or you can see the rest of the videos and photosets here.

Nerissa gets completely naked

Watching this beautiful stunner shyly taking off all her clothes really made my day. Nerissa was obviously nervous about exposing her fantastic body to everyone, but she did it. Fantastic girl and a very sexy show.

Photos courtesy of A Measure of Curiosity (

Experiments in Nudity

Everyone should have heard of by now, but they’ve launched an interesting new exhibit – a collection of videos and photosets demonstrating much of the material which inspired the whole NakedExperiment concept.

Emma strips naked unexpectedly
This almost surreal video sees Emma enjoying a mug of coffee with two of her friends when she suddenly and unexpectedly begins to remove her clothes in front of them. They try to ignore her odd behaviour but are amazed to see her strip completely naked.

Naudia's public bar strip

A very daring photoset where Naudia had to walk into a public bar and strip completely naked in front of the customers. They had been told to treat whatever she did as normal, but they weren’t expecting her to take off all her clothes.

Some days just start better than others…

Topless woman walking along the laneThe look on that guy’s face just says it all!

Some days they just start better than others. What I really want to know is why doesn’t that sort of thing happen to me? I obviously live in the wrong place!