I’d rather go naked than wear those

I'd rather go naked than wear those

Heidi and Jasmine play a sexy game of Strip Minefield

Heidi and Jasmine are back to play another very sexy game of Strip Minefield. This time the sexy duo play in different outfits and in a different location. As usual with Minefield, the order that clothes are lost is completely random. Neither player knows what she might be taking off next! It’s hard to predict anything in this game beyond the fact that one of these lovely girls is going to end up completely naked.

Which girl do you want to lose this one and end up nude?


Gallery courtesy of StripGameCentral.com.

Caley, Talia & Phoebe play Strip High Card

Three fantastic girls sit down to play a game of Strip High Card:

The game isn’t over until two of these sexy ladies are completely naked. It’s times like this that I wish all three players could lose the game!

See the complete game and the two naked losers on StripGameCentral.com.

Who else thinks the inventor of Lycra should have won a Nobel prize?

Or maybe a Knighthood?

Girls arguing over the tightness of their clothes

Two gorgeous girls, Kacy and Samantha, argue over which of them is wearing the tightest outfit. Soon the argument gets a little out of hand as neither girl will back down.

See the full photostory here.

Naudia removes her Clothes in the Bar

When set the challenge of taking off all her clothes in a busy bar, Naudia proved up to it. The patrons were told to act normally as though this was an everyday thing. All Naudia had to do was walk into the bar fully clothed and end up totally naked!

If you like to experiment with nudity or just to see other people experiment, check out NakedExperiment.com.

StripGameCentral now accepts Bitcoin for memberships

Bitcoin accepted for StripGameCentral membershipsIf you’ve been keen to join StripGameCentral‘s exclusive club but don’t wish to pay via credit card, debit card, online cheque or direct debit, there is now an excellent new option.

Bitcoin is a new way to pay where the website gets to know nothing about your name or transaction information. It is as close to anonymous as it is possible to get, whilst being backed up by the reliability and efficiency of Verotel (one of the top online billing companies)