Best way to play badminton

Now this is the best way to play badminton, as an outdoor strip game. This game is played by Jasmine and Layla. Every point lost means an item of clothing has to come off. This sexy game isn’t over until one of these lovely girls is stripped completely naked. I really wish I lived next door to these two!

badminton-21-1-14a badminton-21-1-14b badminton-21-1-14c badminton-21-1-14d badminton-21-1-14e badminton-21-1-14f
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Most annoying gif of 2014?

Is this the most annoying gif this year?

Three girls playing Strip Fight

This week’s update on sees three very daring (and very sexy!) girls who are going to play a game of Strip Fight in full view of the neighbours. Strip games outdoors are always more risky but these girls have picked a spot where the scenery offers no protection of their modesty at all!

The rules for this game are very simple: Jasmine, Gaby and Layla all attempt to undress each other, with each girl trying to ensure that her opponents end up naked before she does. Last girl with any clothing on wins the game. The two naked losers will end up doing a nude twirl together instead.

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Strip Fight 4-1-14 (a) Strip Fight 4-1-14 (b) Strip Fight 4-1-14 (c) Strip Fight 4-1-14 (d) Strip Fight 4-1-14 (e) Strip Fight 4-1-14 (f)