is looking for naked test subjects

Naudia stands naked in the barNakedExperiment is looking for daring people in the UK to be test subjects in our next round of experiments. We need women and couples who are prepared to get naked on our website and see other people naked, but do not usually experience nakedness in that way. Professional or glamour models, strippers, nudists or porn performers are not suitable.


The experiments are designed to measure your reactions to being naked in situations where you would not normally expect to be naked. This can involve being the only person nude amongst clothed people or being naked with a group of other naked women.  There is no contact or sex involved, simply nudity. Experiments usually take between 3 and 4 hours and we pay for each session. Sessions are recorded as photographs, then published on our website. Subjects will also be briefly interviewed about their reactions during the session.  The experiments are all about the embarrassment, excitement and sensations of being bare in unusual situations or in ways that you would never normally experience. Also, just to be clear, by naked we mean FULLY unclothed, no underwear, no covering at all.


Jordana gets naked in front of everybodyIf you feel confident enough to be seen nude and want to try out something exciting and new, click the appropriate link below to find out more.



Couples find out more here.

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