Random chance or …?

Random chance or ...?

Demonstrating how to avoid VPL

Demonstrating how to avoid VPL.

Checking for VPL (Visible Panty Line) is a valid reason for looking closely, honest!

I look better naked!

I look better naked!Care to prove that?

Now that’s an eye-catching pattern!

Now that's an eye-catching pattern!I keep coming back to look at it again, the pattern I mean!


Christians to be required to wear a crucifix.

Woman with Crucifix necklace.In a move which is presumed to be a first step before including all other religions, the Government has introduced legislation requiring all Christians to wear a visible crucifix at all times, even if they are not wearing anything else.


This follows year of campaigning by civil rights activists to be allowed to wear religious insignia in the workplace, even when employer rules do not permit it. Now anyone who puts marks any of the Christian sects as their religion on the national census form will be required to wear a crucifix during all waking hours. A government minister, Terrence Potts, said that “this will help those not in that minority be more aware of deluded individuals and take that into account in their everyday deals. After all, do you want a doctor who believes in an invisible sky god? Would you trust a pilot who feels the need to pray before taking off?”