Chen was beginning to suspect he was in the wrong room.

Chinese man sat in a room full of undressing women.

Just how does YouTube work?

Secret message to those with perfect colour vision.

T-shirt with a secret message "hidden" on it.

Sex parties banned at central London mansion.

The owner of an 18th Century mansion house on Portland Place, Westminster has suffered a temporary court injunction banning him holding sex parties and pole dancing classes at the house. Edward Davenport was taken to court by Westminster Council for “persistent and flagrant” breaches of planning rules.

The council claimed that Mr Davenport had held a “porn disco” and a masquerade sex ball at the property and felt that the neighbours were being disturbed to an “unacceptable degree”. Mr Davenport insisted that the building has been used for regularly staged social events throughout its existence and none of his events were in breach of the planning rules.

Although the judge granted the injunction, he also said that there was nothing wrong with Mr Davenport hiring out the building for the purposes listed provided he applied for planning permission to reflect the change of use.

Now whilst this story is interesting for us, I strongly suspect that this only made it onto mainstream news websites because of the sex party element of the story. When is the media going to grow up and realise that it doesn’t make any difference? They really are like a bunch of teenagers!

Are they watching us?

Now many people have seen this photo, showing what appears to be a flying saucer caught in the background of an adult photoshoot. To be perfectly honest it’s too indistinct to deduce much from it. It could easily be a particle caught on the lens, a passing bird caught mid flap or possibly something falling from the tree?

What is much more interesting (apart from the naked lady!) is that members of  the site in question noticed that the earlier frame in the set also shows the object.

Second photo shown after the jump…

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