Losers get naked on video!

The variations you see when women lose strip games are incredible. Some can’t wait to get naked and let everyone see what they’ve got. Others are shy and really don’t want to get naked in front of the other players. This video explores how different women react to losing a strip game and having to get fully naked. Some even have to suffer an embarrassing forfeit too!

Video from StripGameCentral.com.

Stripsearching a Shoplifter

Hover over each picture for captions:

See the whole of this incredibily sexy stripsearch on A-M-O-C.com.

Funny graffiti

Funny graffiti“Escalator temporarily stairs” – You can’t really argue with that!

Surprise sex

Surprise sex is the best thing to wake up to.That is VERY true!

The Strip-o-Matic – sexy, sci fi fun!

This is one of my favourite ever photostories, sexy with a sci-fi twist. Jane inherits a brilliant new “toy” and decides to use it to cause her friends some major embarrassment. I want a Strip-o-Matic but where do I buy one of those?!

See the full photostory on A-M-O-C.com.

See Jessie & Samantha play Strip Minefield

Strip Minefield 31 on MallOfErotica

NEWS: StripGameCentral.com has just slashed the price of their individual strip game videos. For example, you can download and keep the full video of this sexy strip card game played by Jessie and Samantha, for just $1.99 for the top quality version (and $1.49 for a lower quality version). That’s a saving of $2.50 on the previous retail price. I don’t want to give away the ending, but this game doesn’t end until one of these gorgeous women is stripped completely naked!

Now you can enjoy this excellent game without splashing out on a monthly membership fee. No commitment, no fuss.

Lovely Leslie shows off her body

Leslie has appeared before on this site, but this time she performs a lovely solo strip for our enjoyment. This girl has a perfect body.

See the whole of her strip from shorts and vest to completely naked on A Measure of Curiosity.