Carmen & Tracey play Rock-Paper-Scissors

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many matches in a row.

Granny’s Old T-shirt

Granny's Old T-shirt

Rianna naked after losing a strip game

Rianna naked after losing a strip gameShe lost the strip game and had to get completely naked in front of two of her friends. That’s got to be really embarrassing for her!


Maximum Cleavage

Proof (as if any were needed) that it is impossible for women to show too much cleavage.Beautiful woman showing maximum cleavage

Amber, Bex & Maisie play Strip Darts

Three girls playing a very sexy game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle:

See the full video here:

Lilly & Kaz play Strip Tickle on video

Kaz and Lilly are back to play an excellent game of Strip Tickle on video. Better still there is a small but embarrassing forfeit for the naked loser of this one. Watch out for Kaz’s description of how to play Strip Tickle near the start – it’s probably the worst description of the game ever. It does kind of give away that Lilly already knows how to play the game!

The Fitness Trainer

Owena, Philippa and Tamsin sign up to a fitness course at their local gym. The girls are about to find out just how unfit they are, and the Trainer (Lara) has a novel way to encourage them to try that little bit harder. She thinks they just need enough encouragement.

Photos courtesy of A Measure of Curiosity.

Stripsearching a Shoplifter

Hover over each picture for captions:

See the whole of this incredibily sexy stripsearch on