How to deal with an Insurance Saleswoman

Jess shows us the best way to deal with a saleswoman that calls at her house and is desperate to make a sale. The question is, just how desperate is she to sell a policy?

Let’s find out!

Naked in Blackpool

Now this is one very brave  girl:

gina-lorenz-naked-in-blackpool07gina-lorenz-naked-in-blackpool03There are many countries in the world where going naked like this would have been considered a crime, but thankfully not here.

See more of Gina here.

Nudes everywhere!

nudesPC Smith suddenly realised he’d forgotten to take his medication this morning.

Carmen & Tracey play Rock-Paper-Scissors

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many matches in a row.

Amber, Bex & Maisie play Strip Darts

Three girls playing a very sexy game of Strip Spin-the-Bottle:

See the full video here:

Lilly & Kaz play Strip Tickle on video

Kaz and Lilly are back to play an excellent game of Strip Tickle on video. Better still there is a small but embarrassing forfeit for the naked loser of this one. Watch out for Kaz’s description of how to play Strip Tickle near the start – it’s probably the worst description of the game ever. It does kind of give away that Lilly already knows how to play the game!